Braces and Retainers

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Do you have family members who could benefit from orthodontic treatments? Elite Dental Group has a comprehensive set of orthodontic options available to its patients. Through these procedures, your family can experience healthier, straighter teeth that are easy to care for. By improving the misalignment of your teeth, you can reduce the likelihood that oral cancer, tooth decay, or even gum disease will occur. Orthodontics specializes in addressing subtle concerns with jaw growth and the emerging of teeth. Through early treatment, it’s possible to reduce the risk of trauma, guide the jaw into position, and even correct harmful oral habits that impact your smile.

Orthodontic Treatment For Adults and Kids

There’s more that drives the need for orthodontic care than mere vanity. Teeth that are misaligned are more prone to concerns with tooth decay and gum disease. Straight teeth are easier to care for. This is the result of dental surfaces being easier to reach and care for with toothbrushes and floss. It also reduces the number of places that bacteria and food debris can hide. It can also mitigate the risk of TMJ Disorder developing. This is made possible through the application of braces to address misaligned teeth and incorrect bites.

When you select Elite Dental Group to provide your orthodontic care, you’ll be experiencing the convenience and benefit of all-inclusive care that we’re known for. Your orthodontic journey will begin with a consultation with a member of our team. During this consultation, we’ll go over every aspect of your care. This begins with developing a long-term treatment plan starting with preparing for braces. We’ll then discuss the available financing options and other options that can aid the health of you and your family. There are two primary stages to orthodontic treatment involving braces:

  • Active Stage: These orthodontic appliances adjust the shape and placement of your teeth through the use of constant pressure. This pressure is applied in a precise way to both change the angle of your teeth and their position in your mouth. They’re an effective way of addressing underbites, crossbites, overbites, and open bites alike. This appliance is a combination of elastic bands, brackets, and wires that are used to gradually transition your teeth into their final position. When this is complete, you’ll move on to the passive stage.
  • Passive Stage: Once the braces have accomplished their goal, retainers will be used to guarantee that the teeth remain firmly in place. Adjusting your teeth can be a process that takes months or even years. The length of time is based on the specifics of your oral health concerns. Once the work is done, you’ll be fitted with a retainer. The job of a retainer is to ensure your teeth don’t try to move out of their new position.

You’ll continue to wear retainers for the rest of your life to avoid your body undoing the work you’ve done.

Our Treatment Options For Families

Elite Dental Group provides numerous options for our patients, including a range of braces. Call our dental offices to arrange a consultation to learn more about what we have to offer.

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