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Dentures are often a go-to for restoring your smile when trauma or decay has made it necessary to remove multiple teeth. Dentures have been a common part of dental care for centuries. Modern dentures are comfortable, effective, and can be a wonderful replacement for natural teeth. Our team in Poughkeepsie, NY, is skilled at properly fitting dentures comfortably. Your dentures will last for years with a little education on denture care and quality materials.

Complete Denture Solutions at Elite Dental Group

Dentures come in multiple forms, with complete and partial dentures being the most common. Complete dentures refer to those that replace an entire arch of teeth, or even both. Complete dentures are applied when every tooth in an arch has been removed. Complete dentures are available in one of two forms, conventional and immediate:

  • Conventional Dentures – Conventional dentures are typically prepared after two or three months have passed following the last extraction. This time period ensures that the gums have healed sufficiently. Unfortunately, this also means the patient has one or both arches with no teeth. This can make eating difficult, but it does avoid having to refit the dentures.
  • Immediate Dentures – Modern techniques have made it possible to design the dentures before the teeth are removed. Following the last extraction, your dentist will provide immediate dentures. This eliminates the need for patients to have a period with no teeth. Unfortunately, the dentures will require multiple adjustments in the coming months.

Complete dentures are a wonderful dental prosthesis option for those who desire a full smile and the ability to enjoy their favorite foods. However, they aren’t always an appropriate option. In some cases, patients will still have teeth remaining, and a partial denture will need to be considered.

Support Remaining Teeth With Partial Dentures

One common misconception is that your remaining teeth don’t suffer after an extraction. Your teeth are part of an integrated system, with each relying on the presence of the others. Partial dentures are one way to support the remaining teeth by replacing the missing ones. These partial dentures are typically a combination of a pink plastic base affixed to a metal brace. This brace fits around your teeth to secure them in place.

These partial dentures are removable and need to be cleaned nightly. The metal framework fits the existing teeth and allows the denture to be easily removed and cleaned. They do require some care when handling, however. Be certain that you only remove your partial dentures over the sink with a towel in it. This helps to protect them in case of a fall. You should also follow this practice when cleaning them.

Reach out to Elite Dental Group to speak to our team to determine if partial dentures are right for you!

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