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Elite Dental Group is proud to provide a host of options to help our patients protect a beautiful smile. For those who live active lifestyles or suffer from bruxism, bite or night guards top the list. These protective devices come in many different forms and can help protect your teeth from becoming damaged.

What Type Of Mouth Guard Is The Right One?

Protecting your teeth and gums is a full-time job, and you need a guard that can do the job. The material used, the fit and the design are all pertinent parts of how these devices keep your teeth safe. The best guards are personalized to the patient, but there are other options available. Boil and Bite and preformed dental guards can be found at your local pharmacy. Custom bite-guards are available with the help of our team.

Teeth grinding and Clenching

There are numerous consequences to unmanaged bruxism. The clenching and grinding that accompanies this condition put a serious strain on your teeth, bones, and joints in the face. Tooth pain, broken teeth, headaches, sore jaw muscles, and other concerns can result from these activities. Over a long enough timeline, you can develop improper bite patterns, dental alignment, and increased stress levels.

The team here at Elite Dental Group can offer numerous treatment options for bruxism, with mouth guards being the most common. These help to ease the strain on your teeth and jaw, helping to prevent strain and damage. Our team will show you the fitted bite guards to aid in the control of bruxism-related pain and help you sleep more soundly at night.

High Impact Sports Injuries

Guards are also a common solution for those participating in sports activities. These devices help absorb the impacts that can occur during sports and other active-living activities. Studies show that sports injuries are reduced for those wearing these guards. This is due to the ability of these devices to absorb the force of direct blows to the jaw and jawline. Customized bite guards are of appropriate thickness and shape to provide the best possible protection for the teeth.

As mentioned above, you can purchase mouthguards over the counter. However, there are numerous benefits to purchasing a custom-fitted mouthguard, including:

  • Optimal Safety: Multiple layers of resin and superheated plastic combine in custom-fitted guards. These materials are capable of absorbing superior amounts of force and distributing it safely.
  • Reduced Concussion Risk: A custom-fitted mouthguard worn during sports activities can mitigate the risk of serious concussion injuries as well. The force absorbed on impact with the jawbone is distributed.
  • Prevents Jaw Fractures: Due to the distribution of the impact to the jaw, this bone is also less likely to fracture when impacts occur.
  • Enhanced Comfort: This material makes them more comfortable to wear. By easing discomfort, it’s easier for many patients to wear while sleeping. This further improves the rest received by those with bruxism while wearing a guard.
Choose Elite Dental Group For Bite Guards

Our team in Poughkeepsie, NY, is ready to welcome you to our patient family. We’ll take the time with you to find the right solutions for your oral health concerns. This goal will be accomplished by finding what your insurance covers, what your health concerns are, and what we can offer to treat them in a way that fits your needs.

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