Pediatric Dentistry

Child in stomatological cabinet with dentists

Pediatric dental services are available at Elite Dental Group to care for your family’s growing smile. We can provide care for children of all ages, ranging from birth to adolescence and into adulthood. When working with younger patients, we focus on the development and growth of their faces, teeth, and gums. Throughout providing care, we promote a solid foundation for home dental hygiene by providing patient education and services tailored to your child’s needs. We’re dedicated to serving your family with excellent oral health from birth beyond.

Why Pediatric Oral Health Care Matters

Neglecting our oral hygiene can result in lasting consequences for our oral health. This is particularly true during our earliest years when our adult teeth are developing. Cavities and gum disease are serious concerns in adults. However, they can affect the growth and development of our adult teeth when they occur in children. By focusing on developing good practices in our youngest patients, we’re laying the groundwork for the future. We take special care to address any identified oral health development concerns, such as misaligned teeth. We provide the following to facilitate this goal:

  • Preventative Care: This care focuses on preventing the development of oral health concerns. This is accomplished through regular cleanings during their twice-yearly visits. Their first visit should occur at six months and then be kept up consistently for a lifetime.
  • Restorative Dentistry: When preventative care isn’t enough, we can work to restore the health of your child’s teeth. A full set of healthy primary teeth ensure that your child’s adult teeth will grow straight and with plenty of room. Every tooth plays a central role in that, so avoiding extraction is essential.
  • Early Orthodontic Care: Many people believe that orthodontic care is only for adults. However, the proper positioning and angle of your child’s teeth help the adult teeth to grow in properly. Orthodontic care as a child can help prevent more costly orthodontic care as an adult.
  • Sedation Dentistry: Children often suffer from dental phobia or have difficulty sitting still during complex treatments. Sedation dentistry options are available to make their visit as effective and stress-free as possible.
  • Special Needs Care: We’re here to provide dental care for your whole family, no matter their needs. We are prepared to work with all our patients, regardless of their cognitive, physical, or other developmental concerns. Call us to learn more.

A central focus of our practice is prevention and providing patient education for all ages. We teach parents and children alike how to properly care for their teeth and instill good habits.

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Our focus on providing care for your whole family makes a great option for an active and busy family. From the first eruption of your child’s tooth, through every stage of life that follows, we’re here for your family. Our focus on family dentistry means we can provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that will ensure a great experience for everyone. Arrange your next appointment with us today!

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