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dental X-ray machine

The first dental x-ray was performed in 1895, and it became a mainstay of dental care to this very day. German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was responsible for creating the necessary technology. X-rays remain an essential part of dental care but have improved since their introduction. Today, taking an x-ray requires less radiation and produces better results than ever before. Elite Dental Group uses digital x-ray technology to produce some of the crispest imaging available to drive your dental care.

How Digital X-Rays Improve Care At Elite Dental Group

There’s been a significant amount of development in dental x-ray technology since its introduction. Far from the device invented by Röntgen, which took 24 minutes to produce an x-ray, digital x-rays can be produced nearly instantly. The initial x-ray also subjected the patient to a significant amount of radiation. The digital x-rays at use in our office result in a negligible amount of radiation, making them safer than ever. 

One significant benefit for our patients is the elimination of bite plates to produce the desired image and angle. Another is eliminating the need for multiple images. Digital x-rays produce a complete 3d image of your mouth in a single shot. Other important benefits of digital x-rays include:

  • Inexpensive – There’s no additional cost for receiving digital x-rays
  • Comfort – Eliminating bite plates means less discomfort during the imaging process.
  • Quality – Digital imaging produces a final result that is miles beyond that of traditional x-rays. In addition to producing a 3D image, its quality and precision are far beyond that of the old method. The digital nature means it can be rotated and magnified at need.
  • Convenient – One major concern of medical practitioners has always been the transfer of important records. When physical records are being transferred, there’s always a risk of loss. Digital records can be transferred without depriving your dentist of the original. Further, this transfer is functionally instantaneous.
  • Safer – X-rays have been safe for patients of all ages, pregnant and otherwise, for decades. However, digital x-rays have been improved to the degree where they use a negligible amount of radiation to produce the image. This makes them safer than ever.

Each of these ensures that your imaging experience at Elite Dental Group is a positive one. The process provides significant benefits for both the patient and Dr. Hashim. You’ll know that our team always has the clearest possible view of your oral health concerns.

Contact Elite Dental Group For Your Oral Health Needs

Digital X-Rays are just one important component of the care we provide here at Elite Dental Group. We strive to ensure that our dental patients receive the best possible care using the latest technologies and techniques. If you have more questions about receiving digital x-rays at our Poughkeepsie, NY office, call for a consultation today. We’ll arrange an appointment with Dr. Hashim, during which you can ask all your most pressing questions. We anticipate giving you a warm welcome to our office and showing you why Elite Dental Group is the appropriate choice for your family.

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