Emergency Dental Services

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Accidents involving the teeth, the gums, and lips happen frequently. It’s never a convenient moment to have a dental emergency like this. Elite Dental Group in Poughkeepsie, NY, protects our patients when the unexpected occurs. Getting care as quickly as possible following an oral injury is the best way to maintain your dental health. The more time you wait, the more likely you’ll experience tooth loss, infection, and dental pain resulting from the injury. Discover how Elite Dental Group cares for you during a dental emergency below!

How Elite Dental Group Responds To Dental Emergencies

Dental injuries can be distressing and difficult to handle, along with often being quite painful. You must have a plan in the event that a dental emergency occurs. Getting treated as quickly as possible is essential to avoid lasting damage to your oral health. Our offices in Poughkeepsie, NY, are an excellent first choice with our range of treatment options:

  • Toothaches: When tooth pain rears its head, it can seriously disrupt our day-to-day activities. Insomnia, loss of ability to focus on a task, and significant stress can accompany this pain. The first step in our treatment involves antibiotics that serve to tackle the heart of the problem and reduce dental pain. If you experience dental pain that lasts longer than a day, it’s time to visit our office.
  • Tooth displacement: When a tooth has been displaced, it’s often possible to reimplant the tooth. Immediate action is required to make this possible. Reimplantation will help the tooth heal and secure itself in place, saving the tooth. Here are some necessary steps to take if you have a permanent tooth knocked out:
    • Pick up the tooth by the crown (Not the root!)
    • Gently remove debris and dirt using water.
    • In adults, reinsert the tooth into its socket.
    • Or place it in warm milk or under your tongue.
    • Ensure the tooth stays wet throughout transportation.
  • Dental Infections: Abscesses can form when an infection occurs in the tooth. Infections can also occur in the pulp of the tooth or between the gum and tooth. Gum disease and dental trauma are two common sources of these infections. Treating them starts with draining any abscesses or prescribing antibiotics to treat the infection. Further treatment may be necessary when severe tooth decay is to blame, such as a root canal.
How Elite Dental Group Can Help

When you visit our offices for a dental emergency, our team will start by performing a full assessment. Your account of the incident will be the starting point, followed by a physical examination. When appropriate, dental imaging may be done using digital x-rays. This will help reveal if any concerns are present that are not visible to the naked eye. In most cases, you’ll receive treatment the same day, along with the prescribing of any necessary antibiotics. When you’re experiencing a dental emergency, Elite Dental Group is your best choice.

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