Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth extractions can be a daunting experience for those who haven’t gotten their wisdom teeth removed. Most dentists can perform wisdom tooth extractions quite easily, but when the wisdom teeth are impacted or difficult to extract, then an oral surgeon can perform a complex tooth extraction and other forms of surgery to help with these difficulties and give you healthier teeth that will last.

Reasons For Performing Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Our team is medically trained to provide wisdom tooth extractions for patients with both simple and complex cases. Wisdom teeth are removed due to their long-lasting complications on oral health. When left in the mouth, these teeth can contribute to malocclusion bite issues and can even contribute to cysts and tumors over time. In most cases, wisdom teeth tend to erupt partially, grow sideways inside the jawbone, or fail to erupt completely.

Wisdom teeth in these cases tend to require more technical skills of oral surgeons and orthodontists to perform. When these situations happen, there are many reasons that can cause the teeth to not erupt or partially erupt, including:

Entangled/Twisted Roots: The roots of the tooth help provide internal support for the jawbone, provide the blood vessels pathways to the tissues in our mouths, and help sustain the tooth’s pulp, dentin, and enamel. For wisdom teeth, the roots can sometimes be entangled or twisted inside the gum and jawbone area. When twisted, it can make simple extractions practically impossible to perform.

Impacted Teeth: Impacted teeth happen when the jawbone isn’t large enough to allow room for the teeth to erupt. The wisdom teeth at this point get stuck inside the jawbone or gum area and, because of the lack of room to move, are unable to break through the gum line.

Large Sinus Cavities: Having large sinus cavities can be problematic for wisdom tooth extractions, as these teeth can place pressure along the sinus cavities and potentially cause sinus infections or sinus headaches. Extractions that expose the sinus can also cause numerous sinus problems to occur and thus typically require the specialty of oral surgeons to treat.

Fractured Wisdom Teeth: If microfractures or complex tooth fractures occur, then the wisdom tooth extraction will need to be handled by an oral surgeon to correct, as these fractures add to the complexity of the procedure and can cause intense pain and infections if not properly treated.

Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed Today!

Under the expertise of our team at Elite Dental Group, we work to provide extensive oral care through numerous specialties and areas of treatment. Our team will work with you to discuss the surgical risks beforehand and provide post-operative instructions to give you a smooth recovery. Beyond tooth extractions, we work to provide long-term oral care solutions for patients facing chronic conditions and work with members of our community in Poughkeepsie, NY, to give them dental care that’s affordable and effective. For more information about our services and dental treatments, contact our clinic today to arrange an appointment.

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