Bone Graft

Our jawbone is the primary support system for our oral cavity. When certain restorations or reconstructions are being performed, it needs to be sturdy enough

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wavy hairdo schoolgirl indicate fingers toothy smile

Braces and Retainers

Do you have family members who could benefit from orthodontic treatments? Elite Dental Group has a comprehensive set of orthodontic options available to its patients.

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manufacture of dental crowns


Studies by the ADA have revealed that it’s common for American adults to be missing three or more teeth. It’s also common for adults patients

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Dentist checking and selecting color of teeth

Dental Crowns

Fillings have been a standby for repairing cavities for all of modern dentistry. However, there are times when damage or decay makes the use of

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young parent with kid showing their tooth brush

Dental Hygiene

Elite Dental Group believes that it’s essential that we provide a comprehensive set of treatment options for our patient family. At the heart of our

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dental X-ray machine

Digital X-Ray

The first dental x-ray was performed in 1895, and it became a mainstay of dental care to this very day. German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

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Boy at the dentist is scared and covers his mouth

Emergency Dental Services

Accidents involving the teeth, the gums, and lips happen frequently. It’s never a convenient moment to have a dental emergency like this. Elite Dental Group

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Young man at the dentist taking care of teeth

General Dentistry

Elite Dental Group welcomes patients of all ages to come and be part of our patient family. Our clinic in Poughkeepsie, NY, provides a welcoming

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girl puts a dental retainer on her teeth

Night Guard

Elite Dental Group is proud to provide a host of options to help our patients protect a beautiful smile. For those who live active lifestyles

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